Painting Blue Skies and Turning Frowns Upside Down

I recently have spent some time within this community writing and sharing, hoping that someone may find comfort in knowing that they are not alone. There is many a demon of which I may write but to be the only one with them is unlikely.  I am not the most positive story teller; it may be raw; it may be dark but it is truthful.

To keep with the truth, as much as I like to put a positive spin on my message, to show that growth is possible even from the dark, lifeless depths of destructive substance abuse, I still suffer from setbacks, short-comings and plain bad days. Today is one of those days. Regardless of what I can cite as being my responsibility in a particular issue , in order to hold myself accountable for personal betterment,  I can still feel down.

In the spirit of finding the positive spin I present to you something from someone you have never heard of,  John Patrick  McDonald (and I don’t mean the “I liked it before it was cool” kind of obscure).

“When the nightmares ensue
All that you can do is paint your sky
Another brighter shade of blue
Spread your wings you can glide
Above the violent storms
That plague your life
You paint the picture blue or grey
Fly away”

 I ask you, the reader, what do you look to for solace on a tough day?

Who do you turn to to find comfort?

Where do you go to find the quiet to calm your mind?

How do you put a spin on something to find the brighter side?


2 thoughts on “Painting Blue Skies and Turning Frowns Upside Down

  1. Hey Glenn- I look inwards and often write about what I find on my blog. Comfort comes from within as well. I’ve learned that relying on anyone or anything to comfort me can be dangerous… Hello booze! So I rely on myself. I’m married and appreciate my wife but I don’t saddle her with all of my angst… It used to be too much for me to handle, let alone anyone else. Turning inward has lessened my load, as I get to know the real me a bit more each day.

    I turn towards my spirituality to quiet my mind. I don’t discuss it much on my blog, other than to say I’m not dogmatic. Even my spirituality is an individual pursuit… As for finding the brighter side of things… I count my blessing twice a day, and am grateful for every little thing.

    1. I always enjoy and appreciate your perspective, John. I too find the education of self to be important. With me I carry a bag in which are tools fashioned from the lessons from my introspection and growth. These tools allow me to work on the problems at hand and the problems usually start with me.
      I have also learned to turn to others for help. There are times when I almost feel guilty about being as transparent as I am with my loved one but like a trooper she listens and waits for me to run out of breath.
      Without question this new blog o’ mine has been as therapeutic as almost anything. Reading other’s thoughts and writing my own has been such a constructive release for which I am grateful. So very grateful.

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