I Am Not Ashamed To Be Proud

I Am Not Ashamed To Be Proud

I may have pride but I also have humor


6 thoughts on “I Am Not Ashamed To Be Proud

  1. Rule #62 – don’t take ourselve too seriously. I take my recovery seriously, but hell, after that…it’s a shoot em up…lol. the best belly laughs I ever got in sobriety was in the rooms after I started my recovery. I still get a good laugh in there…at myself mostly. But the fact that we can laugh with one another is a great sign of where we;ve come. Because before, there was NO joking…ha ha. I took myself way too seriously. Scarily so. Nice to have that weight off the shoulders.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Hey Paul, thank you for weighing in. I think I have been taking myself WAY too seriously today and really needed to step back to gain a fresh perspective. Reading not only your comment but your latest post has allowed me to do that. I still struggle with relaxing and accepting and living sanely and on and on…
      Again, thank you. Words of those I respect hit home.

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