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Your Future is a Masterpiece: Take Action and Make It

If you are reading this, it is likely that you have or you are struggling with addiction.
It is a terrible struggle. I get it.

While active in my addictions, I chose to work in an environment that gave me access to the substances I wanted. I tended bar for years and could find much more than booze, and did.

I didn’t want face my life. I didn’t want to face my fears. I wanted to find love through alcohol, to be liked and accepted. Ultimately, alcohol gave me none of those things. Rather, it gave my solitude, self-loathing, and a boat-load of fear.

Of all the fears that grew while in addiction, it was the fear of facing life without alcohol that kept me working as a bartender. This smacks of irony and full-on stupidity; stupid because I knew the first step to finding an answer to my problems. My life changed for the better when I had felt enough pain and chose to take action.

Remove from your life the people, places, and things that you use to keep drinking.

What is more important? Living life as is because the fear of change is too great? Or shift your life out of the ruination of addiction because the masterpiece, that is your future, is begging to be written?

If you are struggling to find answers, shut off your old way of thinking. Find a new way. That discovery begins with being vulnerable, asking for help, open, willing to accept that help, transparent, honest with yourself and others, and above all, take action.

Now is the time. Reach out. Look within. Find the new you that you want to be.